dOING OUR PART DURING the coved-19 crisis


The Aesthetic Dental wishes to put you at ease regarding your safety during a visit to our establishment.. We have developed our present protocol based on the most up – to – date, evidence – based guidelines. Robust hygiene and sanitation precautions will be stringently applied by all staff, and patients.

At Aesthetic Dental Institute we value your need for a safe space and we endeavor to take the highest level of precautionary measures and strict hygienic pra ctices to ensure that you are protected as soon as you enter our rooms.

With President Ramaphosa recently addressing the possibility of South Africa steadily approaching less restrictive regulations, we can rest knowing that things are slowly easing into a new kind of normal for South Africans..

Aesthetic Dental Institute has been by your side throughout this pandemic and there’s no sign of stopping us now as we prepare to welcome all our patients, old and new, with open – SANITISED – arms!

In compliance with the global and national regulatory standards, we have outlined a list of precautionary measures we have taken to ensure your safety:

1.Any patient with the following symptoms:

fever, dry cough, shortness of breathe, body aches, and fatigue are required to contact the practice to reschedule their appointments.

Call us on 031 765 3060 during the following hours:

Monday – Friday: 08h00 – 16h30

Saturday – 09h00 – 12h00 for any questions, queries or concerns!! We are happy to chat.

2. We have bolst ered the frequency and intensity of disinfection and sterilization procedures for the entire practice, especially all equipment and surfaces.

3. We have also implemented checking of patients temperature upon entering and leaving the practice with a non – contact forehead thermometer.

4. ALL the necessary personal protective equipment (PPPE) for dental staff and patients are used for prevention of cross contamination and safety of dental staff and patients.

5.. To further mitigate risk and ensure patient safety we have increased the time between appointments to allow for adequate and thorough sterilization and disinfection.

6 . Moreover, rest assured we will constantly update our methods and adapt our protocols and precautions based on the latest academic evidence.

7 . Finally, our entire team has been rigorously educated and trained and there will also be ongoing assessments to ensure strict adherence to all safety precautions. You’re in safe hands!!

Again, we ask that during COVID – 19 crisis we continue to remain hopeful and positive. Stay aware, stay alert – we’ll weather the storm together!!