The day I discovered Dr Ismail and Dr Naidoo was the happiest day of my life


The level of confidence I have acquired ever since my zoom whitening treatment has been incredible


The best place to be for pearly whites is at Aesthetic Dental Institute


There’s no reason to be apprehensive about teeth whitening, Dr. Naidoo guides you through everything.



Read some of our really cool client cases and see how these respective treatments helped and benefitted them.

All of our patients have consented to the sharing of their success stories.

Damon Beard

Teeth Whitening

Doing a routine check up with Damon Beard we mentioned teeth whitening as a solution to give him a brighter, whiter smile.

Having never experienced Zoom Teeth Whitening before, we talking Damon through the process and gave hime the benefits of the treatment

Damon Started at shade A3.5 which on the color spectrum for teeth is in the A range, that is the white to yellow-brown range – Damon hitting the darker tone of the spectrum

In just one session we took Damon to a shade A1


“Investing in the Zoom tooth whitening treatment performed by Dr Vevasen Naidoo, has been the best decision I made with regards to aesthetics…”


Investing in the Zoom tooth whitening treatment performed by Dr Vevasen Naidoo, has been the best decision I made with regards to aesthetics.

The level of confidence I have acquired ever since my treatment has been incredible.

The procedure was quick and pain free and to this day I am yet to experience post treatment sensitivity.

Apart from the outstanding result, Dr Naidoo’s bedside manner was second to none. His product knowledge put me at ease and provided me with all information needed prior to my treatment.

The results of my treatment far exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you to the team at Aesthetics Dental Surgery for the great service.

– AngRou00, 24, Female, Fitness Coach

So What Is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom whitening uses a combination of gel and light to whiten teeth. The gel has hydrogen peroxide in it which when activated by the ultraviolet light breaks down on the tooth and allows oxygen in which reaches the dentine and breaks down the discolouration and stains on the teeth.

It is important to note that neither the lips or actual teeth are damaged through this process. The peroxide only affects the stains.

What Is The Zoom Whitening Process?

Assessment: At Aesthetic Dental Institute we set up a Zoom consult with our clients to discuss their needs and assess whether our patients are suitable
clients for teeth whitening.

Zoom whitening is not a suitable option for pregnant or breast feeding women. It is also not suitable for people wearing dentures or crowns as it responds to natural teeth only. Zoom whitening can be used for teeth surrounding, partial dentures or crowns.

Aesthetic Dental Institute - Damon-Beard

If we notice cavities and decay that will have to also first be addressed before the teeth whitening process can begin.

Monitoring: Once we assess our clients needs and mouths we take a photograph to record their before and after progress and monitor the changes.

Prep: We prep our clients mouth for the treatment by cleaning the teeth of any bacteria or food particles that are on them. We use a plastic retractor to keep the mouth open during the treatment so that the cheeks and lips and don’t interfere with the gel on the teeth. We also prep the lips, gums, tongue and inner cheeks with gel to protect them from the bleaching gel.

Zoom Whitening: At this point we apply the gel and the ultra violet light for 1 of 3, 15 minute sessions. Once complete we remove all of the bleaching gel, protective gel and retractor from our client’s mouth.

Quick, easy and painless the process leaves most clients happy and smiling so their before and after pictures are a great testimony to the procedure.

The entire treatment lasts only an hour.

  • Will my teeth be sensitive?

    Some patients experience mild sensitivity for a day or two after the procedure but this subsides and does not usually require medication to manage.

  • Can I eat or drink after teeth whitening?

    – Yes you can eat and drink but only after two hours, for great results, we recommend four hours. We also suggest that you consider eating prior to your appointment and drinking through a straw where possible for a couple days after for maximum results.

    – Furthermore, you should avoid foods and drinks with high staining agents such as coffee, curry and wine.

  • How many treatments do I need for teeth whitening?

    – Depending on the state of the teeth one session usually is quite effective, however clients needs vary from patient to patient so we treat each person accordingly.

    – Teeth whitening in itself will whiten but as a client you need to maintain it with good oral hygiene such as regular brushing and flossing.

    – We also recommend teeth whitening toothpaste instead of regular toothpastes as a good maintenance strategy.

    – Clients often come in again over time to maintain their brightness.

We hope this helps you better understand zoom whitening as a preferred choice for teeth whitening. Should you require more information or would like a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices on +27 31 765 3060 or email us on info@aestheticdentalinstitute.co.za.