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Having a beautiful smile and brilliant white teeth plays a vital role in increasing your self esteem and confidence.

Maintaining a white luminous smile free from stains and discoloration naturally without special toothpastes or whitening solutions becomes increasingly difficult in today’s fast paced lifestyle; many factors including smoking, diet (coffee, wine, alcohol, tea, etc), medication, aging and poor oral hygiene causes tooth staining and discoloration.

Here at ADI, we utilize only the best quality tooth whitening products and technology and want our patients to never stop smiling, so there smile is also a reflection of their radiant and charming personalities.

Zoom whitening: is a advanced, professional and trusted solution to put that sparkle and brightness back to your smile. It is a safe, reliable, and painless method to whiten discolored, yellow, dull and stained teeth.

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Aesthetic Dental Institute


Dental implants are the best long-term treatment and advanced modern way to replace missing teeth. A dental implant which is made of titanium is a surgical component that interfaces with the jaw bone or skull to support a dental prosthesis i.e. a crown, bridge, dental facial prosthesis or acts as an orthodontic anchor. If well maintained, implants can last for a lifetime.

Dental implants allow for more advanced treatment plans to be executed as implants allows for a more solid foundation for replacing a single tooth in a smile or whether we are reconstructing a complete smile makeover.

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Aesthetic Dental Institute - full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction/ Smile makeover

A smile makeover is a highly individualized treatment that differs from case to case. Here at aesthetic dental institute we offer a holistic approach to smile makeovers and truly believe in natural aesthetics.

The key to successful full mouth reconstruction is thorough planning and excellent communication. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction as a cosmetic practice then to see the amazing change when our patients undergo a complete smile makeover.

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Orthodontics is focused on the straightening and correcting as well as preventing misaligned teeth and jaws whether mild, moderate or severe, crowded or protruded teeth.

At Aesthetic Dental Institute we also offer clear aligners which is a transparent cosmetic appliance designed to straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, protruded whether forwards or backwards in an aesthetic way.

Being transparent it reduces the noticeability and is only prescribed for mild to moderate cases. Over a space of 6-8 weeks teeth will gradually move and shift.